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Katsouras (traditional products) is a small rural business that carries a long family history in making Cyprus traditional products, using methods and processes inherited through generations. The business is located at an idyllic place close to the small picturesque village of Galataria, in mountainous Pafos.

The business has only recently moved in its modern, two storey light manufacturing facility which includes two completely segmented processing units, one for making dairy products and the other for making traditional grape juice products such as soujoukos, palouzes and kiofteria.

Over the past 25 years the family business has been dealing with the sale of traditional, village products. It exclusively deals with dairy products like halloumi, Anari, Trachana and Easter Cheese. It also produces products from grapes such as Palouze, Soutziouko, Kiofteria, Stafida and Epsima.

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