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  • Katsouras Traditional Products

    Katsouras (traditional products) is a small rural business that carries a long family history in making Cyprus traditional products, using methods and processes inherited through generations. The business is located at an idyllic place close to the small picturesque village of Galataria, in mountainous Pafos.

    The business has only recently moved in its modern, two storey light manufacturing facility which includes two completely segmented processing units, one for making dairy products and the other for making traditional grape juice products such as soujoukos, palouzes and kiofteria.

    Over the past 25 years the family business has been dealing with the sale of traditional, village products. It exclusively deals with dairy products like halloumi, Anari, Trachana and Easter Cheese. It also produces products from grapes such as Palouze, Soutziouko, Kiofteria, Stafida and Epsima.

  • Novel Agro

    NOVEL AGRO LTD was founded in 2000, with the primary purpose of producing and marketing quality olive oils, using novel procedures in quality control and selecting the olive oil. These austere procedures result in the high quality of our products, something reflected in our international awards.

    Our company started its operations in the small village of Vasa Kellakiou in Limassol District. From 2004 it has moved to its modern facilities at Latsia. These facilities and our procedures have the ISO22000 certification from IQNet. Also, our facilities are certified by LACON for the handling and bottling of organic olive oil.

    Our products are used in the top hotels of Cyprus and are exported to Finland and, through the airports and our online shop, to the rest of the world.

    Our company plays also a vital role in the development of the olive oil sector in Cyprus by bottling olive oil for other producers that export their products in various countries such as the UK and the USA.

  • Stavros Parpis Ltd

    The Cypriot personal company belonging to Stavros Parpis is one firm that puts in practice the slogan "Learn to eat healthily", which after all is its own motto. Its products are all products of the date palm(carob), a tree that has flourished on Cyprus since ancient times. In general carobs are product of Mediterranean countries, on Cyprus, however, they are by their very nature purely organic products, since the tress are not cultivated in organized plantations, but grow on their own in the wild.

    The limestone bedrock of Cyprus significantly contribute to the especially attractive flavor of Cypriot carobs, which is the result of an increased content in sugars, relative to dates from other areas.

    For many years now, the company of Stavros Parpis takes advantage of the natural wealth abundantly offered by the Cypriot land, to produce carob syrup, grape syrup, carob cream, grape cream, carob honey, grape honey, carob powder, carobolata as well as carob snack.

  • To Pervoli tou Theodorou

    It was somewhere in the 1980's, where Mr. Theodoros Christoforou started the creation of two farms in Maroni Village. His only tools were his love and his artistry for the land, which was mainly concentrated in the field of olive trees, specialised in the variety of "koroneiki" olive.

    The tradition that started from Mr. Theodoros continues since today, as the new generation took over the farms. These farms comprise of "Theodoros Pervoli" and are categorised within the requirements for organic agriculture.

    In the same space of the farm, other variety of trees which are supported by the Cyprus mediteranean climate have been added, likewise pomegranates, fig trees and prickly trees.These were used on the replacement for the trees that were lost during time.

    In the year 2017, there was also the addition of other trees, such us passion fruits, lotuses and damsons, as well as the agriculture of traditional herbs for the production of tea.

    Their olive oil won the World Olive Center bronze medal for the years 2018 and 2019.
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